School administrators often work in jungles of political intrigue. The jungle can consume you. . . .

School administrators who lack political savvy may be harassed, demoted or fired. Wonderful work won’t save your career if bad politics raises its ugly head and bites. You need courage to protect the students, the staff, the community you serve and yourself from bad politics. To lead you must have confidence born of courage. With this attribute you’ll inspire others to have confidence in themselves. Courage comes when you’re armed with a battle plan of “Good Politics”.

Politics is the science and art of government. School administrators govern their schools. When politics is done right, you win. “Good Politics” exist.

My effective political techniques and strategies can assist you to become the best of the best.

“As a new school administrator I quickly discovered my college administration program didn’t adequately prepare me for the politics of the principalship. Bruce has been an invaluable resource helping me successfully navigate  the sometimes treacherous waters of the school principalship. Bruce is able to listen to the minute details of the difficult school situations I face. He’s able to interpret these scenarios and provide sound advice and a solid plan.  Bruce's ability to comprehend my school leadership situation is uncanny and invaluable!”
— Curt McVey, New York

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