Stacking The Deck For You

Stacking The Deck For You is an informative, entertaining guide that, using true accounts of actual confrontations, shows you how to out-fox the “bad guys” and keep your integrity intact in the treacherous game of school district politics.

Bruce Davis provides insights and tools to succeed in a variety of situations so you will prevail and be the successful principal you were meant to be. Courage wins the day and courage can be rehearsed.

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How to Involve Parents in a Multicultural School

This revised and expanded 86-page second edition book is an up-close-and-personal, principal-to-principal discussion about how to increase parent involvement in an urban elementary school that serves a diverse student population, including students from Asian and Latino cultures. The author, Bruce Conrad Davis, a nationally recognized American Hero in Education, relates many techniques he and his staff use to involve parents in the life of the school, including unique student awards assemblies, weekend positive telephone calls to parents, annual Read-Ins, the most current interactive digital outreach technology, safety patrols, interactive multilingual surveys, pledges, and shared decision making. Davis emphasizes learning about the cultures of the students, building personal relationships with them and their parents, welcoming diverse opinions, and the importance of telling the truth.

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